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When you do everything right, you still get messed up.


I have 7 lines on my account and have been a Verizon member in good standing for over 13 years.

  • A different Verizon customer (not me) used my account number by mistake to pay their bill using home banking.
  • Verizon credited my account with someone else's funds.
  • I didn't know what the amount reversals where for on my bill because "Payment Reversed" does not describe why they did it.
  • My account is signed up for autopay for more than 2 years now. And Verizon has been successfully billing my card without incident.

Customer service would not work with me to adjust the mistake that clearly was not caused by me or my account set up.

They did offer to suppress the now past due balance until I was able to pay. That did not satisfy me and the Customer Support Supervisor got rude.

What I think would the community should know:

  • When using home banking online to pay your Verizon bill, make sure you enter in the correct account.
    • You may accidentally pay someone else's bill and have to call customer service to get the payment onto your actual account.
  • There is no verification that happens to confirm the correct account is being paid.
  • Auto pay is not prioritized as payment to your account, it's ornamental until your bill is due.
  • Verizon will not credit your account for costly mistakes they make by not confirming the funds will go towards the appropriate account.
  • This creates a hardships for folks that did not budget for the additional past due amount.

It's a simple solution Verizon, have one of these payment facilitators like Zelle, Venmo or PayPal power you up in designing a safer Sass for your customers.

Your customer service team is probably overworked and annoyed. Check in on them too so you don't loose more customers.


Re: When you do everything right, you still get messed up.
Customer Support

I am a consumer on a budget and I sincerely understand your discontent with the billing situation outlined in your post, torresd619. I would be unhappy if this happened to my account. You are a valued customer and we appreciate your loyalty and tenure. Please accept our most sincere apology for this billing situation caused by another customer's mistake.


You mention that a payment was applied to your account by mistake and then a payment reversal had to be processed. This means that you were not billed any additional amounts, but our billing system reversed the payment that was applied to your account due to another customer entering the wrong account information, and ultimately, you were only billed for services provided. Was your account charged for any late fees due to this reversed payment?