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Where do I file an official complaint against Verizon?

I have been ripped off by them since the last four months regarding a deal THEY came to me with to begin with. The issue is now so long that even this page is not enough to write the entire thing. Here is the timeline since the last 4 months of what is being done to me:

February - I called to know if I could get a new phone by trading in my old device> i was told that the $440 off plan could apply and I could get Iphone 13 Max Pro by trading in my Samsung Galaxy A01. I paid my device at that time in full (some amount was remaining) and got $440 off for 3 years with Iphone 13 pro max. I gave details for my Samsung Galaxy a01 trade in. Did all that over the phone because I didn't want to make a mistake (IRONY!!!)

Feb end - received the Label and sent the phone back exactly as per the directions
March - Phone was received by Verizon but promo not applied. No one could find the phone. Had to call a couple of times before someone said they could find it.
April - In April, promo still not applied and I was told that I was sent the wrong label, so they couldn't find phone.
April end - Found the phone finally, said promo will be applied from May
May - Promo not applied, On my asking, rep checked all details and applied it for one time $18
May end - called to fix it for successive bills, rep said the promo applied was wrong, should have been $12.22. Gave me $30 credit for my troubles and applied $12.22 from then on, I SAW the credit applied in my app for successive payments.

Got the bill yesterday, My account says I am overdue for the $30 applied in my previous bill as credit and all the credit from my account is removed leaving me with $189.71 bill for current and all coming months.

TODAY - Said the Samsung Galaxy A01 phone wasn't qualified for the offer! I spent 92 minutes on first call, 24 minutes on second and they kept saying they will call me back and no one did. I called again and stayed on the line to talk with the supervisor, after 20 mins, someone picked up and hung up. 

WHAT???? I need to file an official complaint at this point. This is a disgrace for a company. I work full time, I don't get paid by my employer to stay on the phone like Verizon Reps who are SO BAD at communicating with each other. They should close their shop and leave. This is a joke. I need to file an official complaint at this point and I would take any suggestion.

Re: Where do I file an official complaint against Verizon?
Customer Support

zaarakidwai, thank you for bringing this to our attention and we are sorry to hear about the issues you have encountered with adding your device trade-in promotion. Making sure you receive accurate information is always important. We are here for your support. Let's review the details. When did you process your order? Also, may we have your device trade-in Submission-ID number? 


Re: Where do I file an official complaint against Verizon?

I've already spent at least 4 hours on the phone with Verizon in the past month dealing in incredible amount of misquoting and dishonestly as well.      I did trade in, was offered an 800 credit which I had to call 3 times to get applied even though the phone was received.   Then I was never told it was a 36 month contract lock in.   I was also told I had to change from my shared stat plan to an unlimited plan, and to hotspot I needed a plan for $65, and 2 more for $55.   More than other companies, but said ok.     I had to change my son and my wife, so the bill was going up.    Since my wife and son are not under contract and my son wants to pay his own way, he left to start his own plan with a competitor for a very low fee, and my wife who uses 2G of data at most did the same.   Then I get my bill for $90 a month for unlimited.   What a dishonest move.   I was promised one thing in the chat I have a recording of, never was told I had to have multiple unlimited accounts to get any discounts, was never told I'm now locked into a 3 year contract ( who keeps phone for 3 years) lie on top of lie.      I can't blame the reps except the one that yelled at me to tell me I was in the wrong, and I should have read the fine print they DID NOT share in the phone conversation.       So I'm with you.    Verizon is lying, and allowed to charge whatever they want for cell service, not reimbursing for credits on a timely basis.      Someone told me I should just loose the $1,000+ I owe now on the phone since in the long run I'll still make out better with other carriers.     It's really hard to believe any of this is legal.      

      There is little above board in this and the deceptive nature of all of this is totally unnecessary.   I was a Verizon fan, but the past 2 months have made me tell everyone I know to RUN as far as you can now.      I'm even getting offers for FIOS to change my home internet bill and save money, however they conveniently forget to add in the $40 in taxes and fees when comparing on the new quote at $2.      No one is this unintelligent , so if it isn't that what is it........

Re: Where do I file an official complaint against Verizon?
Customer Support

Thank you for reaching out to us today and bringing this to our attention. Please send us a  Private Note for further review.