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Where is Verizons loyalty

Like a lot of people right now I got Covid and have been struggling to catch up on my bills. Because of this it has been hard for me to provide gifts for my kids this year.

I wanted to get my kids something nice because just like all of us they have been dealing with all the changes going on. One month in school, the next month online, or the next hybrid school and dealing with everything else.

I set up a promise to pay with Verizon for my bill. Then I try to get two iphones, which is buy one get free with a new line. They refused to this for me because I owe a past bill.

Yeah I know I could get my kids something cheaper, but they would just be so happy to get a phone. Yeah I know to that I'm 10 days late on my bill, but what happened to that Christmas spirit?!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention I've given my loyalty to Verizon for 10 years. Thank you Verizon for providing the same loyalty when needed!

Re: Where is Verizons loyalty
Sr. Member

This is nothing compared to the predatory practices of a credit card company. From a business perspective, it doesn't make sense to give someone a loan for a new phone when they're behind on their bill for service.

With some people not even able to have a proper dinner this year, please don't make this some sort of case for a material item. If it's that big a deal, buy your phone outside of Verizon. No cell company is going to let someone upgrade with a pastdue balance, has nothing to do with "loyalty", Christmas, covid or anything else.

Re: Where is Verizons loyalty
Customer Support

We value your loyalty as a customer for over 10 years, and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have about our service. Please tell us, how can we assist? DavidR_VZW

Re: Where is Verizons loyalty
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Look at it this way they are protecting you from getting more into debt.    Is there a chance someone in the family has older Iphones they are not using you could pay a little for or android phones?   I am 58 and we didn't have a lot and I turned out fine.  We didn't have all these modern gadgets then and made do with the toys we did have.   We had a roof over our heads and food on the table so I was grateful for that.    Don't know how old your kids are but when my son was young he cut grass for people and shoveled snow to earn money for the play station he wanted.