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Why Does Verizon Even Offer Gift Cards?

About six months ago, I got a $50 prepaid MasterCard as a reward from another business.  I've found these a pain to use when you have to remember how much is left on the card, so I generally try to use them in one, single payment, empty the card in one transaction.  Before I stupidly switched to Verizon, I would generally do this by making a payment toward my AT&T bill.  Not necessarily the fault of Verizon, but this particular card was declining the payment for the full amount because the payment was being run as a recurring service payment (which indeed, it is).  So, I thought my decision to purchase a Verizon gift card instead so that I could get the full $50 off the prepaid rewards MasterCard and then use that gift card to pay my bill was pretty clever.  WRONG!

I have read threads as far back as 2015, found a couple of segments on YouTube from local TV stations, ALL with the same story... people trying to use gift cards and all of them claim they are invalid.  You think with something as common as gift cards, especially given that these are often given in rebate or rewards offers from Verizon, that this would have been rectified by now or at the very least, there would be a well-documented procedure or bulletin posted by Verizon to all of their CSRs to handle this situation... but there isn't and it becomes really hard to believe that this isn't on purpose.  So, a third-party company handles your gift cards?  So does every other company that offers gift cards, yet you're the only one that conveniently has trouble getting them to work and then you make your customers go through misery trying to use them.  Not only did I blindly walk into this gift card trap, but also when I made the dumbest decision of my life and left AT&T a year ago to transfer service to this sorry excuse for a company, I used an offer through Rakuten to get $75 back when opening a new account and starting a line of service.  Verizon conveniently claimed that I did not actually make a purchase, even though I bought the newest iPhone and chose the most expensive plan for a single line and it was left to Rakuten to foot the bill and give me $50 as a goodwill gesture since Verizon didn't follow through with their commitment.  Now here I am with this useless piece of plastic which claims on the back of it, "Gift cards can be used to pay a Verizon Wireless or Fios bill by visiting or using the My Verizon app."  LIES!

In the past, besides having 20 years of frustration-free service from AT&T, I also worked for them as a CSR in a retail store.  If faced with this situation in my store, I would have called our gift card team for the customer and tried to work it out through proper channels first.  If the amount loaded on the card could not be used to make a successful payment toward a customer's account, I would have had the gift card team zero out the balance shown for that gift card number and I would have issued a credit to the customer's account in the amount that was on the gift card.  Simple, over, done, the customer would have their problem solved and be able to go on with life.  In every instance, Verizon makes the customer jump through a million hoops and spend hours and several store visits, phone calls, interactions with clueless reps and endless escalations just so they can use their own money they've already given to Verizon the way that Verizon told them they could in the gift card terms and conditions which Verizon refuses to abide by and plays dumb when their cards don't work over and over and over....  Are you really so not threatened by class actions that you just flaunt your ineptitude so unabashedly as you steal people's money?  It is obvious to me that Verizon gift cards are a money trap for those foolish enough to get them and I was one of those fools, unfortunately.  Verizon does not care about their customers and I can't believe I ever thought of them as a respectable company before.  I was sadly mistaken and I cannot wait to transfer my service back to AT&T once this iPhone is paid off in a year.

If any Verizon rep should contact me from this, just know, I expect competence and results as I and many others have already spent too much time dealing with your purposely useless gift cards.  I have a $50 gift card, when I call #GIFT, I am able to verify that it has that amount on there.  Anything beyond that fails, including trying to make a purchase or bill payment online, by phone, with a customer service representative over the phone and at two stores, I have been blown off at every turn and told to call someone else.  I'm over it, I don't have time for it.  Do not contact me unless you intend to apply the 50 dollars I already paid you 6 months ago to get this useless plastic card to pay for service charges on my account.  I do not have a balance due on my account at the moment if it needs to wait until I do before this can be addressed.  I'm through having my time wasted, but I have all the time in the world should I need to take legal action.  And yes, I will pay $10,000 just to get my $50 because of the principle and you, as a company, need to be reminded who funds your paychecks.  It's not your shareholders.