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Why doesn't Verizon wireless support standard 2FA, like Google Authenticator TOTP?

Q: Why doesn't Verizon wireless support any of the standards  for two factor authentication, like those used by Google Authenticator TOTP (Time-based  One Time Password)?  

RFC 6238 and 4226.  Yes,  the Google  Authenticator app is currently proprietary, although it was originally open-source. There are many  mostly compatible non-Google implementations, like Microsoft Authenticator and LastPass Authenticator.

Or a FIDO device like Yubikey. Or ...


As far as I can tell,  Verizon Wireless's 2FA support consists only of

a)  sending an SMS text message to your phone

b) the Zenkey app -  which as far as I can tell is much less standard than any of the Google authenticator-like 2FA apps.

Unless you consider a secret question or a PIN to be  reasonable 2FA.   Which is wrong.

For that matter,  sending an SMS text message is widely considered really really really bad  practice for 2FA in general.    I suppose it is possible that text message 2FA  is more reasonable for Verizon wireless than it is elsewhere, because the reason it is so bad elsewhere is that  it is apparently quite easy to social engineer Verizon tech support port or otherwise change your mobile phone, allowing the bad guy to intercept the text messages.  

But why not support the fairly ubiquitous and standard TOTP?

I do NOT want to have  for installing yet another 2FA app on my phone.   especially  a 2FA app  that is only used by  Verizon wireless.


Yes, yes, I have number locked my account's devices.


 but I really want better security for my Verizon wireless account.



Re: Why doesn't Verizon wireless support standard 2FA, like Google Authenticator TOTP?
Customer Support

Ag47, your feedback is appreciated, and we will forward your concern to the proper channels. Your account security is very important to us.  Please follow this link to view your options on how to keep your online account safe.