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Why is Verizon providing false information?

On 10/26/2022 my Galaxy S7 Edge suffered a catastrophic failure. I contacted a Verizon Wireless CSR and asked for help activating the SIM in my old Note 4 (that I had used before upgrading to the S7) until I could get a new phone. The CSR activated my SIM (which was tied to the existing line) and I thought everything was fine. My Verizon plan was a grandfathered unlimited data plan. Today (10/30/2022) I received a text message that I had used my 2GB allowance and that I was going to be charged an overage fee. Since I have unlimited data I thought this was spam or something similar. I checked my account just in case and sure enough, my plan had been changed. I contacted Verizon Wireless using the chat option. I spoke to someone named Gilbert. Gilbert told me that
"...your plan has not been changed since 05/29/2010. Your data package is 2GB for $30 and additional $5 for additional 250 text messages...".
That isn't true. I have a number of monthly bills that show I have had unlimited email and data. Gilbert then went on to tell me
"...As per checking here, what you had was Email & Web Unlimited and it was an unlimited feature added for your current plan however, this feature is an old one and is no longer offer. Since there was changes of the device on th, this feature was also automatically removed by the system and needs to be changed if the customer would still need the data service. However, since we don't have an added feature with unlimited data alone, what's added to your data service is the 2GB of data that costs $30 monthly which is the same rate as what the old feature on your account...".
In the past, I was told by a Verizon Wireless representative that any changes to my plan (plan, not device) would terminate my grandfathered plan. They told me I would need to buy my phones outright in order to keep my unlimited plan. That's what I have done since 2010. I have updated my phones four or five times in the last 12 years. I have never had any problems. And, like I said, my Note 4 was active on this account before I upgraded my phone to the S7 (2019). So Gilbert told me that when I switched devices, my plan went away because the features of my plan were no longer available. I said that was ridiculous because up until 10/26/2022 I was using the features of my plan. Gilbert went on to explain
"...I understand that but just like what I mentioned, the feature was not included on your plan itself that is why when you changed the device, the feature was also changed as the previous feature you have is an old one and is no longer available...".
When I asked Gilbert to tell me when the feature went away he responded with
"...As per checking here, the feature has not really go away completely since there are still customers that has that feature since they still have their old phone...".
So, after telling me that the feature went away, Gilbert back tracked and said it didn't actually go away. At this point, I asked to speak with a manager. Gilbert didn't really want to do that so he told me about all the wonderful upgrade options available to me. I asked him again to transfer me to a manager. This time, he just stopped responding to me. I waited though ten minutes of silence from him before logging off. I then called Verizon's customer service line and spoke to someone named Mary. Mary was far more helpful than Gilbert. Mary looked at my account and placed me on amazingly long holds. But, she did open a ticket for me. Unfortunately, she told me that my issue would be resolved in 8-10 business days. Since I have a lot of experience with the public, I asked Mary if 'resolved' meant that my plan would revert back to what it was pre-10/26/2022 or if it just meant that the case would get closed. She said it was the latter. I questioned her use of the word 'resolved' when addressing a customer issue because resolved to a customer means something completely different. Anyway, she opened the ticket and then I asked her to connect me to a manager because I wanted to discuss my experience with someone who could possibly improve the customer experience. Mary told me that her supervisor wasn't there and that she was the one who could help me. I asked her if she was implying that she had manager level abilities. She does not. But, she refused to help me get in touch with someone who could address my grievances. Up to that point, I didn't have any issues with Mary. But, after telling me that the buck stopped with her, well, now I have an issue with Mary. Why is customer service so horrible with Verizon? I have been a customer for over 12 years. I just pulled four random months and found that I average 5GB a month in data ( a high of 9GB/month and a low of 3GB/month). I was paying more for my grandfathered plan than I would if I upgraded and I wouldn't have even noticed it wasn't unlimited data because I use so little data. For me it was about principle and choice. It also looks like Gilbert started me on the path to upgrading my plan to the '5G Play More' plan. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of someone at Verizon who can actually help me?

Re: Why is Verizon providing false information?
Customer Support

Hi! Thank you so much for reaching out to us. It will be my pleasure to assist you today, in order to proceed I will send you a private note.