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Wi-Fi Calling Not Provisioned/Not available on BYOD

This has been discussed before, but the other discussions on here are now closed, so I'll start another one.
Just switched to Verizon.  Brought a Samsung S21 from another carrier.  Wi-Fi calling is not available (not provisioned).
Went round and round with 2 different guys in tech support.   Both said basically the same thing.  "Your previous carrier's (T-Mobile) software is not allowing the feature because it isn't seeing a T-Mobile Sim Card".   This I guess made sense to some degree.  But there are 2 things that make me think its something Verizon COULD do...but won't.  

1.) In addition to the Samsung phone, I also brought over an iPhone 12.  The Wi-Fi calling with that works.  Sooooooo... umm..... if its T-Mobile that has the issue, why is there NOT an issue with a T-Mobile branded phone brought over to Verizon.  This tells me that Apple just won't let Verizon bully them around.  Just a thought. 

2.) A guy I know...who may or may not work at a Verizon store somewhere else, said that he could make Wi-Fi calling work....but he'd have to go into my phone and give it a new IMEI number.  He'd said he'd give it an IMEI number from a phone they have on the shelf (not sold yet) and if he did that...Wi-Fi calling would start working.... but it MIGHT quit working if Verizon did a "sweep" or something that they do every so often.   Like...Verizon would realize that there was something off, and then "non-provision" it again. He said he could then do it again...and essentially play cat and mouse with Verizon.     He said he guarantees it would work.

Now, #2 above might be PROVES that it is possible and that they can provision it if they want to. 

Sounds like its part of Verizon's process to help sell more phones. 

Re: Wi-Fi Calling Not Provisioned/Not available on BYOD

And iPhone is an iPhone is an iPhone. There is no carrier bloat on iPhones.

Android phones are different, each carrier gets their own version with software included specifically made for that carrier.
About a year after The S series of Samsung phones are released,  they usually have a major operating system update. For the past few years this operating system update includes removing a software block. Removing the software block allows the phone to fully convert to another carrier when a new Sim card is installed. This only works for the four 3 major carriers.   The next operating system update on an S 21 would probably come out next January or February. I don’t know if you will still get the up date if you were no longer using T-Mobile as a service provider.

I recently purchased a Samsung galaxy S 21 universal unlocked United States version because it is very frustrating dealing with the software blocks.   

it sounds to me highly inappropriate and considerably sketchy that an employee of Verizon would recommending doing some sort of alteration to the international mobile identification number on your phone.

Re: Wi-Fi Calling Not Provisioned/Not available on BYOD

I do have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g 256GB UNLOCKED from Samsung US model and Wi-Fi calling works with no issues whatsoever. 

Salty... Oh, yes I am!!