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Worst customer Service ever

Verizon is the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I'm now on my 5th call to discuss overcharges and they won't let me talk to anyone, all they want to do is get you on a text line with a computer, who spits back generic answers till you say computer and then it pops up on someones screen to answer. It's the worst AI I've very seen, trying to push automated system ever. So they can keep their profit margins up over 80%. Biggest scam customer service ever. I'm switching both lines back to AT&T. 

Re: Worst customer Service ever
Customer Support

We want to take a closer look into the situation to help find a resolution, ak1234567. I have sent you a Private Message. Please respond there so we can further assist. Thank in advance. ChrisM_VZW

Re: Worst customer Service ever

Oh man, I had Verizon place an order for me and they did it three times because every time they F'd it up. I got so fed up that I told them to keep the new device. They had me redeem my device dollars at the time wouldn't let me put them back on my account so I said mess them and I de-enrolled from the Verizon Up Program. It felt like pulling teeth when I had to call them constantly to put my old device installment plan back on my account and when they did the first bill shows up and no device payment plan on it. So I decided I was going to use the device dollars on a good cheap pixel phone  that way when the 60 day unlock policy is up I can go to google-fi. Come my next bill and instead of the new device payment plan being applied they apply the old device payment plan that I cancelled. I don't know what the heck is going on with Verizon right now. Then I get notice on my Verizon app that I owe them 28.28, an amount I paid when I upgraded my phone. When I call them and yell to speak to an agent, they want to send me an F'in tech to deal with their automated garbage ship. I am just so fed up with their customer service. 

Re: Worst customer Service ever

I've been a long time Verizon user.  Last week I contacted them in order to arrange to take advantage of their promotion to upgrade my current I Phone.  I was texted that the order was complete and they would advise me when it was shipped.  I've heard nothing since.  I contacted them to check on the status and I cannot believe the frustrating experience I've had with them.  First, I was told that I was merely a "Verizon Member" rather than an "Owner" or "Manager" and that I had to go through a process to "upgrade" or name an account manager in order to check on the status of my order.  I'm very unhappy.  Not only have I been a customer of Verizon FOR YEARS, I am the only person on my account.  I manage it, I pay for it.  I'm very unhappy.  I want better service and an answer to my question.   I'm also about to check in with AT&T where I am quite likely to shift my phone service.  

Re: Worst customer Service ever
Sr. Member

When you actually get a person in chat or phone get nothing but scripts and hung up on had a tier 2 tech same one hang up on me twice