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Yet Another Gift Card Promise Broken (for switching to Verizon)

We were promised, at our local Verizon store, that we'd receive $350 gift cards for each line we transferred from Sprint.  I couldn't find anything for this promo online so I clarified at least 5 times with the store, even as we were activating 6 transferred lines (from Sprint to Verizon).  I knew about the BYOD promo and the promo where you receive "up to $500" to pay off your old bill and even asked the rep if this is what they were referring to.  They said no this is just completely based on switching carriers.  We thought this was an amazing offer and decided to move everything over to Verizon.

I know I should've asked for proof but I'm just too trusting and figured they wouldn't lie to me.  Haha, after reading this board I realize that was my first mistake. 

We're still within our return window but not sure I'm willing to go through the hassle.  The cell service has been good but the in-store service has been horrible.  I'll definitely tell others about my experience and how you really need to get everything in writing before you walk out the door.  Some business are OK with these shady practices. 

I see I'm not alone but needed to vent.  

Re: Yet Another Gift Card Promise Broken (for switching to Verizon)
Customer Support



We don't want you to have any remorse about switching to our network. For a limited time, you can get a $350 Verizon gift card when you bring your own 45/5G Smartphone to our network and subscribe to any one of our Unlimited Plans. You are required to port your mobile number from another carrier on to a new line of service with us. You have have 30 days to submit your rebate for the offer at the rebate redemption site:   You will need to enter the promo code 350BYOD2021. Is this information helpful to you? 






@vzw_customer_support  Thank you for the reply.  I understand the BYOD promotion as well as the promotion in which Verizon pays up to $500 to pay off your previous carrier bill.  The problem is that I specifically mentioned those promotions and the employee said there was a DIFFERENT promotion that was given just for switching carriers.  We spent thousands of dollars on 6 new phones during this transaction.  I very specifically asked about the details and even asked how we really know we're getting this promotion.  The answer was to now worry about it and it will just be emailed to us.  I truly believe the employee was being deceptive in order to get the sale since there's not much the consumer can do after the transaction is complete.  In face we'd have to pay restocking fees if we decided to leave Verizon.