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Your August bill is $1,965.63!

I was shocked today by a text message that my bill is $1,965.63! 

In reviewing my account, I have $1,716.68 in International charges for calls to Ukraine that were mistakenly thought to be free FaceTime calls. I called Verizon customer service three times today, and every Verizon customer service representative refused to help me. I was told by the Verizon customer service there is less than a 1% chance any concessions will be made.

Is there no value anymore to a customer that has been with Verizon for 20+ years, averaging $250-350 per month? These International charges were clearly a mistake. I asked to be credited, or AT LEAST to retroactively apply to an International plan to reduce my per minute charge for these mistaken calls.

Instead, I was told with no empathy that I was notified of the charges. I searched my text messages from Verizon and I had ONE text message from Verizon on 7/31 that said "You're paying per-minute rates on international calls. See how to stay in touch for less with Unlimited Together". I'm shocked given I now have a $1,716.68 in International charges, this is the only message I received! I did not see this message, but even if I did it sounds like an upsell message that would not apply to me given I had no idea I was making International calls. When there is even one unusual charge to my Visa bank card, my bank suspends my card and calls me! Why does Verizon not do the same?

Can someone please help direct me to a supervisor or department with the authority to help me? I feel like I am being treated very poorly and I will definitely switch to another carrier if this is not resolved fairly. It seems like a shame given the lifetime value of a customer is so much more than these accidental phone calls.

- Trevor


Re: Your August bill is $1,965.63!
Sr. Member

It does not sound like an upsell message. It was a clear warning of pay as you go minutes were being charged. Most people would see that and contact their carrier immediately. 

The bank freezing things isn't comparable. Did you make international calls? Yes. Did Verizon connect those calls? Yes. This is using a service you were provided. Dunno how these could be mistaken for Facetime since that uses data.