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activation fees

I'm a 20 year Verizon customer.  Have 6 lines on the plan.  I pay my bill in advance for the entire year every year.  I've purchased dozens of phones over 20 years.  Each one has an activation fee.  I've always been charged one, then called and they credited it.  Verizon researched this and agreed I've never had to pay one that wasn't credited.  They said it's their policy not to credit them.   They said this after confirming they followed their policy of actually crediting me one for the last 20 years.   Are we politicians or are we speaking out of both sides of our mouths here, people?

Last month, I've purchased 4 iphone 12's to replace iphone 8's and upon activation I requested a credit for each activation fee.  It's 40.00 per line times 4.  That's ez math for most of us but 160.00 plus taxes, fees and other things on top of that.  I chatted, called, emailed multiple times with multiple agents requesting full 40.00 credits on each of the phones.  I figured spending 3800.00 annually (paid in advance) in monthly services, $1,000 in phones times 4 for the iphones, twenty years of service, never being late on bills and more....would be enough to receive the credit.  I mean, the phones are being activated so Verizon can charge me all this money but I have to pay them to do it?  Furthermore, the first phone we upgraded involved over 10 hours of customer service time, 6 different agents between Apple and Verizon before it worked at all.  In addition, when I received the trade in boxes for the 4 phones, one of them came with a note saying I wouldn't receive the 440.00 dollars in future credits but had no explanation.  After an hour call with another Verizon agent about it, he told me that they have glitches in the software that is causing this all over.  I asked again for the full credits on the activation fees but was told sorry bud, not happening.  More math here....Total Spend in December was approximately 6000 dollars (factoring in the credits because I'm nice) so all I am asking for is a 2.60 to 2.75% credit based on what I just allow Verizon to continue to make thousands off me.  Am I being unreasonable asking for this, considering the facts I've laid out?  

Re: activation fees
Sr. Member

I personally don't understand this activation fee seems unnecessary to me if all you do is put in your own sim card

Re: activation fees
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Never once in all the years have I ever been credited for activation fees on 3 phones and I always pay on time and am in good standing and have spent a lot.  Consider yourself lucky you have been credited up until now.   Have to wonder how many others get credit for this. Wonder why I wasn't entitled to it?