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bought phone that turned out was not paid off, options?

hi Guys,
I bought a phone from Facebook Marketplace in May. I thought I checked everything including the iphone lock and carrier lock and everything was good. I gave it to my son on Christmas and ran into problems activating it. After many hours with support it was determined the guy I bought it from never paid it off 😞 I have since bought another phone directly from Verizon for my son. I'd love for this not to be a $300 loss and am trying to find some way to salvage the original phone I bought to maybe use down the line for my younger son's phone. I reported the seller to Facebook and tried to contact him directly many times but he blocked me so that is a dead end. Can I find out how much is owed on the phone? I have guy's original number and his original sim card so it seems that information could be used to find how much was owed.  I've been on with support a couple times and was finally given the fraud # to call of 888 483-7200 but it no longer works. 

Does anyone have any advice on how I can go about finding how much is owed and pay it off myself? We got the screen (which had the green line on it) replaced and it is a perfectly good phone, just need to get it cleared so it isn't bricked 😞 



Re: bought phone that turned out was not paid off, options?
Customer Support



I am sorry to hear that you were sold a phone that is blacklisted. For security reasons and to protect our customers accounts, we are not able to share account information without you being authorized. Only the phone owner can inquire about the remaining balance as well as having it removed from the black list. I hope you are able to get in touch with the phone owner so that this issue can be resolved.



Re: bought phone that turned out was not paid off, options?
Sr. Member

That would be violating account security and could get someone fired if they gave you information from someone else's account.

The best action here is small claims court.

Re: bought phone that turned out was not paid off, options?
Sr. Member

I think the most you can hope for at this point is that Facebook bans the seller.  Won't stop them from doing it else where though.  Market place is always buy at your own risk and not much facebook can help with getting your money back.   How did you pay?  Maybe  dispute it with your credit card or PayPal if you did it that way.