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buyers BEWARE

I have been with VZW for over 15 years, first with personal plans and eventually my business account.  I have only stayed with them for the coverage areas as my business lines need plenty of coverage.  We have tried our best to save money over the years by purchasing our phones elsewhere and adding them to the plan to avoid contract fees.  That's long gone now.  I kept a Samsung S7 for almost 6 years when I finally caved, falling for what turned out to be the too-good-to-be-true Samsung S20 deal for $279.99.  There was NO talk of a contract.  No changes to my account, everything stays the same except you have a great deal on a new phone.  Yeah?  Well, guess what?  I got a new phone, a contract I NEVER agreed to, additional charges of $60 for the SAME SERVICE and a $750 termination fee that decreases monthly over the life of the contract.   I called and told them to listen to the recorded line during which there was NO mention of contracts or additional fees... to bad so sad for me.  They didn't believe me even tho they could have easily listened to the transcript.  I threatened to leave and got some discounts but was still paying more than before this new phone.  A year later, we are ready to bail.  Now I have a $500 termination fee.   Their legal notice page regarding termination fees states that fees are either $350 or $175 at the beginning of a contract.  Well.... buyers beware - your termination fee is the difference between what they charge for the phone and what you paid for it, so you're still paying for the phone in its entirety.    I'm so done.  And what about all those times over the years of paying the "month in advance"?  Where's that money?  Oh yeah, that's right, bend over and take it... again.  I can't wait to leave you VZW.  Shame on you.  You are NOT worthy of my hard earned money.