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charge me more than $7000 within 3 months!

The following statements are true to fact:

First of all, I went to China for business issue in February 2019. The usage of Verizon is unnecessary during my trip. To save that $85 monthly charge, I requested my 15-year-old son who studies in US to call Verizon and consult about the cancellation of my whole plan. But it just a normal consultation. I didn’t realize that Verizon had mistakenly canceled my unlimited together-world plan which charge $15 monthly until October. I can not read or speak English, and I have no idea about the charge of $15 was canceled at all.

I hired people to check the Verizon bills carefully and we found that there is a $84 bill in June, which is totally inconsistent with what Verizon staff told us before. They canceled the plan by mistake and still charged same feature from us. We have reason to suspect that they have made a mistake.

Bad in English, I can not check the mail frequently. I didn’t realized that I had to pay high expenses bill until I hired people to check all of my mails in October. I asked my friend to contact Verizon customer service to resolve problem at first time. It’s really difficult for us to connect them successfully. At 2:36 pm on October 10, Verizon's customer service agreed in adjusting the bill for us after nearly one hour talk on phone.  She admitted that the charge was unreasonable and we reached an agreement in recovering the plan we had before. She double confirmed that I would get a refund and she also helped me cancel the auto payment in October so that I can pay in correct amount ($80) manually online. About the feature I auto paid in September, Verizon promised me that they will make an adjustment which means that I have to waited for their notification. The conversation was recorded, which can be used as an evidence.

However, On October 11th, I found that the amount of my bill still had not changed and no one contacted me regarding to my issue as they promised before. I can not do anything but to let my son contact them again. However, they seems to forgot what happened in October 11th. A supervisor from Verizon denied what they promised before and refused to refund after a brief talk with my son. They emphasized that they didn’t make any promise of a refund which really makes me confused and dissatisfied. How could a company can be so irresponsible as we are in United States, a highly civilized country. The record which denied by their supervisor should be opened. To resolve the issue better, I asked for a complaint to the manager level or even higher. 

Then, on October 15th, a Verizon staff contacted me in early morning. It took him few time in connecting interpreter and he told that he will call back soon but no response after hanging up the phone for an hour. I continued in contacting Verizon customer service, but no result after 2 hours communication because the supervisor created a note of non-refund on our case. Although they admitted that the charges are unreasonable, they are not willing to refund.

I have spent a lot of time and energy in complaining and they do nothing but to push me to a higher leadership. I have been waited 2 days since15th .They are wasting my time and challenge my patience. I here to report the wrong feature by Verizon. Our oversea plan was canceled due to their mistake so I requested that Verizon should recover my previous 5GB plan which include free talks to China and waive my international call fee during July to October 2019. Besides, they have to refund me $2167 which overcharged in September and adjust the October statement $3417 to $80.I believe that the United States is a country that will uphold justice! I believe that my reasonable requirements will be protected!

I got a phone call from Verizon executive , at around 4PM in 18th October. They admitted that they had made a mistake, canceled my unlimited word-together plan improperly. Instead of refunding the extra fee cause by international calls , they just offered me 20% OFF (around $900) for international call in my current bill, which means that I have to pay $4764 for two month data. Ironically, I just need to pay $170 if my previous plan didn’t cancel by their mistake. And there is a surcharge called Fed Universal Service cost us $429.14 in September and $658.80 in October, which also should be waived because it was charged due to oversea calls.

I strongly demand that they should bear all international phone charges starting from July to October because I have no idea that they had canceled my international plan for $15 during that time. In fact, I will not make any phone call if I knew that the plan was canceled. Indeed, I stopped calling outside US on 10th October when I got the high expenses bill dated from July 25 to September 24 which exclude the charge after September 25. Last but not least, I require that Verizon should reactive my previous unlimited word-together plan for $15 monthly. There is a huge impact on my profession and personal life due to their mistakes. I hope that they could put themselves in my position and judge my case in fair.