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charged for an extra line over 7 months, will only credit $20?

I have a Gizmo watch for my kid. It broke in Feb 2022 and was under warranty, so they sent a new Gizmo watch. They also changed the number assigned to it. I didn't care for the number, as long as it was working. 

Last week I find out, they've been charging me for the old Gizmo watch number and the new Gizmo watch  number. so $15.15 times two since March. over 7 months. 

I called today and the rep got the idea and said the extra line will be terminated at the end of my Sept  2022 bill. Good, what about the 7 months of charges? 


Said they'll only give me $20 credit for it; I said no, she said she'll talk to a supervisor. ok, she came back 20 minutes later, and happily said, they'll credit me $40! 

i said no again. how does $40 make sense when the error costed me over $100 and the error WAS MADE ON THEIR END? 

They came back and offered $60 top for credit overall. 

At this point the call has been close to 2 hours. aside from being a very frustrating call, it was also very insulting. As if i was playing a game of Deal or No Deal.

I'm about 40, with 20 years in the miliary and yet I've never been insulted this deep my entire existence.  

How is this $60 justifiable? I just want the error corrected. it's not even the money, i've been living without it, I want the error corrected properly. 

I've been a Verizon costumer for over a decade, I'm calling later to finish this, but I am looking at other carriers after this shinanigans. 


Re: charged for an extra line over 7 months, will only credit $20?
Customer Support

Intitli, this certainly isn't the experience we want you to have with the Gizmo watch, and we don't want to see you leave Verizon Wireless. We are more than happy to assist you further if needed since your message was sent a couple of days ago.