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error causing my order to be stuck in processing and its unfixable. 3 hours on the phone and still cant cancel the order.

I placed the order through my Verizon app and was immediately charged $757. Order status was stuck on pending so I contacted customer support through online chat which was 3 hours of waiting and 0 help. finally I call and am told there is a known error causing my order to be stuck in processing and its unfixable.

I am told to cancel the order and once the money is back on my account to place it again. so I was transferred to the person to cancel the order and after 30min on hold I am told he cant do it cuz its prepaid. He then gives me a prepaid support number.

After 20min or talking to a screener who's first language isn't English I'm told I have to be transferred again. After another 45min on hold i start  to see the only support info pages show as closed. I brush off the doubt wait an additional 30min when the hold music stops I hear 3 beeps and call discounts. 

You took my money in seconds I know because I got a text as soon as you charged my card. yet it takes hours of dealing with being transferred through several incompetent people and still cant cancel the order that has an error ON YOUR SIDE this is beyond infuriating.

Up until this point I have maintained composure and been understanding and accommodating to each rep who would ask me the same information take 30min of my time then put me on hold and transfer me again. The order doesn't even show on my Verizon app and the only thing I have to show the order was the initial email I received. I understand systems can have occasional errors but from the look of this forum this has been an on going issue for many years. Id even be ok if I could easily cancel the order but that is near impossible up to this point. 

So now I have to wait to cancel a $757 order then wait for that to credit back to my card which will take days before I can go and purchase the phone i need today. For this to happen with a company the size of Verizon is absurd.