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extremely poor Customer Service

I have been a Verizon customer for more than 10 years. Generally speaking I have had good interaction with customer service, until today. I called customer service Tuesday the 17th in regards to some connectivity issues with my newer Motorola phone. Satin the customer service representative walk me through the process to reset some items on the phone to see if it would help? I'm not a tech expert and asked if this would eliminate anything from my phone prior to doing so, I was told no. Well. All my previously stored  Wi-Fi  vanished along with the stored bluetooth items. To speed forward. less than 2 months ago a Verizon rep walk me through a phone to phone transfer of all my stored Wi-Fi'. It work perfect. Today 3-18-2020 I was informed by a customer rep and a self described supervisor. We are not able to help and she has no idea how anyone may have preformed this task before? Basically she explain to me: it is not Verizon's fault, it is my fault for not knowing the item Satin was having me reset would completely eliminate both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data, Again I specifically asked Satin If I was going to lose anything from my phone? The answer was no. I received no apology for the inconvenience and no further recommendations for help. The rep/supervisor explained I could travel to all of the different locations to re-set the Wi-Fi. With the current situation, I feel she is a bit tone deaf.  I'm just curious if anyone has experienced a similar situation? 

Re: extremely poor Customer Service
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It's great to hear that you had gotten a new phone recently, although I'm sorry that you had lost your Wi-Fi connections. As part of troubleshooting most phone issues, a network reset is performed on the phone. This does not delete any personal information, but Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are deleted. Generally those connections are much easier to get back as opposed to photos or videos of family members, so when we are asked if anything is going to be lost during that reset, the assumption is that photos are being referred to. As for how you were able to get your Wi-Fi information transferred from one device to another, there are various transfer wizards that can do that, but these are only done either when the phone is new, or if you did a factory reset (that will delete all content) and had the old device to redo the restoration process. Has your phone been working better since going through that troubleshooting?