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horrible customer service

how come customer service has not resolved the issue ive had and have had to contact yall multiple times a day for over a week and nothing fixed so i requested my Device Dollars be used to pay the remaining owed on my Samsung Galaxy A51 phone (which prior to all this B#!!$#!% said i was fully paid off) and requested my account ballance removed and terminated because i refuse to pay charges and service charges i already paid twice even though my app reflected a months total put twoard the 300$+ bill it did not credit that amount when more money was paid... twice this happend after my original issue was first brought to yall.. suddenly my device isnt paid off and my account is then 2 bills  behind...  it took your team over a week of multiple attempts a day for one of them to just look at my bill and tell me if they see what i see.. ours were showing different numbers on bill ammounts..  this is where suddenly it became a $#!% show...

ive had to repeat my issue over 30 times... 

i just got over months of dealing with a medical issue and was hopefully returning to work and 3 days before this all started and my first day back after 4 months off my phone service gets restricted after 3 days of tryjng to resolve with CS and was up all night with them before returning to work..


im done.. ive switched..  null any charges due to 0$ and pay off my device with my verizon up device dollars and terminate my account like i requested weeks ago... 

yall made me sick to my stomach and made me feel insane... and the attitude.. none of them made any attempt to keep a customer or help.. they didnt care when i told them i was switching... maybe thats why they havent closed my account... 

a tiny problem lead to a paying customer that was about to upgrade and add a line with new phone to decide to boycot Verizon because of bad customer service ....