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phone number jammed

Where do I call to speak to a supervisor who cares?

I have 2 out of 5 phones that do not make or receive phone calls. I do have 4G and the data is fine. The moment I try to make a call the 4G disappears to no G. When someones calls me it states my phone is disconnected...when I attempt to make a call it prompts me to use a credit card.


It's been close to a month now and Verizon has not resolved my problem. I attempted to numerous phone call and the texting app also the store. No one can help me. Customer service went from a 10+ to a -10 in no time. COVID-19 has nothing to do with customer services. I'm aware the"experts" are working from home but I too have to work from home and not having  phone service has been very frustrating. Maybe working from home should be taken more seriously and closely monitored. My job is essential. I need a phone line. I have requested to speak to a supervisor but no luck! "Experts" are  hanging up on me, simply because they can't help. I was told at the store that even if I got a new phone this would not fix the problem since the problem is the phone # itself. I have been with Verizon for about 15 years now.... but I'm so close to disconnecting all 5 phones and moving on to another carrier. This would defiantly fix my problem! I need help! someone needs to contact me asap. I have a contract with Verizon but Verizon has a services to provide. I demand that service. 

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Re: phone number jammed
Customer Support

Thanks for bringing this to our attention EliaEdith. We want you to have the support you need. I apologize for the experience you shared. We want you to stay connected! Our teams can assist you hear but based on the circumstances, I'd like to provide our support options. You can call for over the Phone Support by calling 800-922-0204. We also provide CHAT and Social Medial options if you don't wish to call. You can view the options here: Your business is greatly appreciated and we don't want that to change. BobbyN_VZW