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rural internet help

I need some help, i am being asked to work from home, I have a local ISP which terrible, to be honest, you cannot do much on it, it definately will not support my work. That being said, i had tried to use my iphone 8+ as a hotspot while in another part of the country, my hotspot would work for a couple minutes then drop, Verizon helpdesk could never figure it out after numerous calls. But, what I am wanting is to know what do I need to be able to work from home, some have said a ceel signal booster, which i am looking at the WeBoost 470103 to help that, a coworker is using that, then if i cannot get my phone to work as a hotspot, we are also wanting to use a hotspot for streaming on our smart tv, and other devices also, does Verixon offer anything for that, I have seen the Verizon Jetpacks mentioned. I am not very smart when it comes to all of this, just hunting some answers so i can have the capability to work from home and also have a better running internet, and do away with my local ISP

Re: rural internet help
Sr. Member

I hate this situation since I've been there before. Since VZW isn't an actual ISP, you're going to be severely limited. A jetpack is only as good as your cellular signal and they can only do 15GB at 4G (or 30GB if you spent $10 more) then become unusable for production after that.

Running the hotspot off the phone isn't much different. Same 15/30GB 4G hotspot based off which unlimited plan you have. With millions of customers, those towers can't support letting everyone using their phone like they would with cable internet. Might need to contact your local government about improving infrastructure.

Re: rural internet help
Customer Support

Jophone, we would be happy to help in any way possible. So we can help, please send us a Private Note. JoseL_VZW