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terrible customer service

VERIZON STORE IN MILFORD OHIO. This place is a rip off and you deal with people you do not know what they are doing and do not care about you.  I went in to see why my phone was acting up.  Jake at the store looked at my phone and made some adjustments then started telling me all iPhone 7 are having the same trouble.  He then switched out my sim card to try to fix it.  He did not at any time tell me that by doing this, it could disable my phone.  After he realized a new sim card did not work, he blamed it on the sim card reader that he said did not work.  He tried another sim card but with out any success.  He said that the only thing I could do is to purchase a new phone.  I said no thank you and that I will just use my phone as is.  I then left and as I was driving, I tried to call my son.  I then realized that my phone would not call out.  I could not send text messages either.  I returned to the store to confront Jake and was intercepted by another sales person.  She explained that my phone is broken and that there is nothing they can do about it.  She said that is the risk I take when I asked them to fix it.  I informed her that I walked in with a functioning phone and said they need to make it right that I leave with a working phone.  She said she could not do that.  I asked to speak to a manager.  1 hour later the manager comes over - Justin Mitchell.  He as well said that the actions they took was not why my phone does not work anymore.  He said that changing a sim card is a typical fix and works most of the time.  He as well would not make it right.   I left with a non working phone and so furious I could feel my face was red.
When I returned home, I called Apple and made an appt to see them at their store the next day.  The next morning, I plugged my phone in to charge it so that it was ready for Apple.  My husband said, let's just see if you can call out.  I tested my phone and to my complete surprise the phone worked.   I could call out and receive calls, send texts and receive texts.  My husband said many times a new sim card takes some time to activate.  So my phone was not broke as Jake had said it was.  He and the manager did not even mention that it could take time to activate.  They were both blockheads.  I continued to my Apple appt just to see if my phone was bad.  They ran a diagnoses and found nothing was wrong with my phone.  The Apple advisor changed some settings and also reset my phone.  That fixed my phone completely.  My phone is perfect now.  I asked him if my phone was broke as Jake and Justin with Verizon said it was.  The Apple advisor said it is unfortunate that Verizon has people there that only want to sell product so they can earn commission.  They do not care about the people that come in other than to boost their paycheck.  He said my phone is completely fine.  
My suggestion is to NEVER GO INTO THE VERIZON store in MILFORD, OHIO.  THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!!!  How people like that can sleep at night.  If you need help with your phone, contact Apple.  They are definitely more knowledgeable  and really care about their customers.   You could also go to a corporate VERIZON store.  There is one on Beechmont AVE in Cincinnati Ohio.   I have been there before and they are very knowledgeable and helpful.   NEVER GO TO THE MILFORD STORE.

Re: terrible customer service

According to the store locator, the only stores selling Verizon Wireless equipment or service in Milford, OH are third party retailers. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: terrible customer service
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Avoid Verizon stores if you value customer service. They're sales bots who only care for commission. I wouldn't dare let my mom inside one of those places knowing full well how often older folks are taken advantage of.