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4G LTE Network Extender capable of software update?


Just installed 4G LTE Network Extender. As this model is not manageable by Verizon website, is there capability for software/firmware to be updated?  This would be for items Verizon is "considering", such as white-list ability.


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Re: 4G LTE Network Extender capable of software update?

Yes. The updates come automatically from VZW.  For example, I just got version pushed today. As far as what's new in it, I have no idea since there are no release notes.  I second the need for a priority access list or whitelist. I have no problem supplying free internet to the neighbors, but recently poor VZW service in my area combined with no priority list means that I get bumped off my own Network Extender. The only option available then is to decrease power which then means it doesn't even cover all areas of my house.

Re: 4G LTE Network Extender capable of software update?

I agree, the inability to manage users is not acceptable. Why should my internet, that I pay for, be used to supply my neighbors with their Verizon connectivity? Doesn't make sense to me...not only do I have to pay for this Network Extender to get the Verizon coverage that I pay for like any other customer, but I have to pay for my neighbors to use it as well.

Even though the Network Extender works well, I really don't like this aspect of it. Verizon and Comcast have both taken to the idea of leveraging their customers payments and equipment to increase their coverage. Great idea for them, but I view being taken advantage of this way as unethical on their part.