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MMS Message causing audio dropout

On my 4G LTE Extender BH10B I've been having a persistent problem.

If I receive an MMS text message during a call the other party will hear spitting as though data packets are being transmitted from the extender.  I can hear the other party just fine.  And I have tested on both a Samsung Galaxy S10e and a Motorola Droid Max2.  The Max2 behaves a bit better and the audio recover after 10 seconds or so.  But the Galaxy does not recover over minutes and I have and hang up and redial.

This is very does not happen for text/email sent to  It only happens for text/email sent to

This should hopefully be repeatable for others.  My extenders was replace by Verizon and the problem continues.  My phone was examined by Samsung and showed no hardware problems (beside the fact that the Motorola fails too).

I suspect that what is happening is the extender creates a connection to the phone for the MMS message, the message comes in normally, and the extender finishes the connection rather than letting the phone finish the connection.  So the phone keeps asking "are we done...are we done" and we can hear a rhythmic "spitting" of data packets on the output audio channel.  

Hopefully you folks have a Galaxy 10e that you can test with.  We have talked extensively with support but they have been unable to identify/solve the problem.




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Re: MMS Message causing audio dropout
Customer Support

Hello, cfogri1. We're very sorry to hear about the continuing call audio issue that has been coming up on your devices with your network extender when receiving an MMS text message. We definitely want to continue to assist with making sure that this is resolved. Was there a time when this did not happen on a call when receiving a MMS text message or has this always been happening when having Network Extenders? Does anything happen similarly when receiving a standard text message? BrettA_VZW

Re: MMS Message causing audio dropout

#1 A standard text message sent to works call problems.

#2 An mms text message to to works fine when connected to the tower...but causes outgoing audio problems on an active call with the extender.  Very repeatable.

Verizon replaced my extender...same problem...

This started when we started using the email address to overcome the byte limit on back in January.