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Samsung Network Extender - SYS blinking red

I recently purchased a Samsung Network extender and followed all of the set-up steps but the SYS light has not stopped blinking red.  I've waited hours, re-booted the network extender, reconnected it to the modem and router, restarted the modem and router and placed the network extender directly next to a large window with direct access to the sky.  Unfortunately the SYS light remains blinking red and the GPS light remains magenta.

Any help with this?  My zip is 22301.

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Re: Samsung Network Extender - SYS blinking red
Sr. Leader

Plugged into power?

GPS module plugged into the unit either solo or via extension cable?

Extender plugged into router or modem?

Call Verizon to make sure it is registered?

Behind any firewall or need to forward any ports via router?

Re: Samsung Network Extender - SYS blinking red

The thing has worked for the last year. 

Sys light blinking; all others blue.  I have forwarded 53, 500, 4500, 52428.  I've put the extender in the DMZ on my lan.   I've cycled power.  I've updated "manage network extender."   

The last time this happened the extender came back after 2 days.  This time, I didn't want to wait.  We missed some important calls in those 2 days. 

Chatted with chat support.  She referred me to a support number.  I am waiting for business hours to call them back.

Anyway, if anyone has a suggested to the above or to me it would be appreciated.

Re: Samsung Network Extender - SYS blinking red

welcome to my world, I have uncountable tickets on this blinking red sys for the last two months.

internet is perfect, just cant make calls or text on verizon, then its back, all is well, two hours later  red blinking sys, cant make calls or to the end of my 1.5 mile driveway and get on another network to call tech support over and over is ridiculous,  its time to go to another carrier I think for many of us

Re: Samsung Network Extender - SYS blinking red

Seems to be a occasional reoccurring issue. Having a blinking red SYS light and either a solid red or magenta GPS light.

A family member has had a Network Extender for several years and it generally has worked fine until recently (last three months). Lately the SYS light blinks red the GPS led is solid red and the device fails to work. The unit has not been moved from its current location (next to a window overlooking a large lake so it has a good view of the sky) since first setup some four years ago and has in the past always pulled in the GPS signal very quickly. Only lately does this happen. After working with VZ support they blamed the device not being able to get a GPS signal. Yet in the past there has been no problem getting a GPS signal.

Only solution is to keep an eye on it and keep power cycling it until it locks the GPS signal. If this erratic behavior continues to be a problem then possibly the unit will be replace something else. Kind of surprising that the unit requires a GPS lock in order to function. Would have though there would be a method for the end user to bypass the GPS in for no other reason than troubleshooting.

Re: Samsung Network Extender - SYS blinking red

There's a big difference in a SYS failure and a GPS failure. We have a

system communication failure.

The last few weeks we have gone from slow blinking red SYS to solid green


This is not a GPS issue as tech support confirms, it is a Verizon System

failure to communicate with the extender

They've promised a replacement for several weeks but the extenders are on

backorder, who knows when Verizon will get them

Re: Samsung Network Extender - SYS blinking red

I feel ya I'm disabled and I'm having to drive two miles to get signal the tech says to go home and call them are u kidding me then hangs up