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Verizon sent me an LTE NEtwork extender and my iPhone won't work with it.

This is getting VERY FRUSTRATING!  My calls started dropping about a month ago (from my residence--nowhere else).  Initially, I thought it must be my phone--which was about 4 years old.  I purchased a new iPhone X.  Calls continued to drop.  Verizon told me to turn off cellular when I was at home.  Calls continued to drop.  Now they sent an extender and that is also problematic trying to get a GPS signal.  Finally succeeded, but now have a very ugly antennae cord stretched across my office to reach the closest window. 

But two of us with iPhones can't get the extender to be recognized---even when we're a foot away from the device. (the other user has an iPhone 11)

Level 2 told me that there was an increase in reported problems with coverage in my area, but that where I live is supposed to have "good coverage".  I was told my trouble ticket would be looked at by Engineering.  I then received a video suggesting I buy an extender and the cheery fellow in the video said Engineering had determined my area had "poor coverage".  I replied to the text video link, saying "this is worthless".  I just want to return my phone, since clearly it was pointless buying a new one, and change providers if Verizon's coverage in my area has changed so drastically.  I've been a customer for more than 15 years and Verizon has made some type of change that is affecting service in my area.