2 new Uniden Scanners Just Revealed..

I Know the Forum is designed for All Cellphone Related Stuff.!   But with the Lounge Here it let's a Person stray from the Norm of the Cellphones a Bit and to Shed Light on other exiting new Gadget News

Case in Point Uniden America Base in Texas Just revealed 2 brand New Digital Scanners the  [ BCD536HP ]   And the  [ BCD436HP]   if there are Scanner Hobbyist on here and would Like to Learn More Please Google Search the Site Devoted for the Scanner Listening or Do a Search with either of the scanners I listed and it will point you into that Direction..

This is Very exiting as these scanner Can do Quite a Few Task in a Short time of Taking them out of there Boxes)  The Scanners will be released Q1 of next Year so in the wait for there release.. You'll have Time for some Reading on them Enjoy.. Got any Questions on the New Scanners or Scanner Related Questions Feel free to Ask..

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