3rd Party Billing FRAUD - $9.99 Data- Premium Messaging

I am very disappointed with Verizon wireless on how they are letting a 3rd party company take advantage on vulnerable customers.  I just found out that I have been getting billed now for 13 months, $9.99 for each 3rd party line three times per month of $29.97 on these nonsense charges for a total of $389.61 for 13 months. Think this is fraud and Verizon is not doing anything about it. I looked at smswatchdog.com and it looks like Verizon is the only wireless company that has complaints. What should I do, should I get legal counsel?

These are the 3rd party companys that I was billed.

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Re: 3rd Party Billing FRAUD - $9.99 Data- Premium Messaging
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Did you search the community before typing your "blog" in the one section of this community where very few people are going to see it. This is the off-topic lounge for things not related to wireless service and network. Posts about premium messages are in the community along with steps on how to stop and prevent future charges. Please create a new discussion/question in the appropriate area of the community.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.