And you thought you kept a cell phone a long time....
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Last evening a friend of mine called me because he bought a service called Vonage to replace his home phone service with Verizon.

He attempted to speak to me over 10 times and after a few minutes it just lost the call. I said you dropped Verizon home phone which never gave you any problems for that crappy service?

He said he has a Verizon wireless phone for seven years and its getting old and not reliable. I actually offered him a newer device for free to use as his cell phone. He said he did not want to change his device, he said he never had a contract, and his $60 a month was just what he wanted to spend.

He won't buy a new device and said his phone was OK for what he uses it for. I had to laugh. But my main laugh was the switching out of his home service to save $25. I told him where is the savings if you pay for Vonage and cannot make or receive phone calls?

If he wanted to save money I told him to get Magic Jack or NetTalk at $30 a year and it travels with you around the world just hook to your computer or a broadband modem/router. At least you can make calls without lost calling.

And he would save hundreds over Vonage and Verizon telephone per year.

People have to shop around.

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