Can you Remember This Commercial.! From Radio Shack..

I went into Radio Shack around that Time period just about every Day for my C.B. & Scanner Stuff my Folks even kidded me that it was my Second Home i did buy allot of stuff there and even done some Horse Trading as we call it around here you could do it back then now it's only a Memory.. 

But i can remember that Commercial and that Phone Set at the Store's.  And in this Area at that Time Verizon nor Alltel was even a Thought.!  Kansas Cellular was King and the Roots of that Cellular System started here were i Live..

But that was some Bag Phone as Well as the Handheld That Motorola Sold My Uncle Had one but he passed away i don't Know if my aunt still has it or Not but a Antique it would be..

But here is the Link to see the Video:  b33

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