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Aloha fr maui

I have an issue that happened at a verizon store here on maui but i dont know how to contact them besides going in. Im in lahaina n i have no car my house was burnt to the ground n i got my birth certificate fr my mom n she gave me some money to get by. I am almost 95% sure i dropped that envelope either inside or outside the store n i jus asked if they could check their cameras but they told me that i gotta get corporate office to do it bcuz they dont have access to it. They (am I referring to sales associates) said not even the store mgr has access. I asked for his name store number phone number got their names date n time but what i dont understand is how the store mgr cant access the cameras let alone how do they know for sure that that is true? They told me both mgrs are in a meeting n thats y i couldnt talk to them.

I jus thought of this now but i should have number n name but being sales or customer service they could have further assisted by asking me for that info.

Another thing is when we went back to the store i jus pulled up in the parking lot n the guy that assisted us earlier was immediately right there n said oh ur back? Thats when i started to explain n he said oh yeah ok. An envelope right? So that made me think they found it. Only to be brought back inside to tell me they didnt see anything.

I had a friend that was going that way to take me n we searched high n low in the car around it outside the store but nothing. I cant get a hold of corporate it jus keeps going in circles the automated service n so now im reaching out to u.

This enveloped contained my birth certificate. I needed it to replace my id that got destroyed in the fire along w my home my car my life from the lahaina fires.

I jus asked if they can check the cameras. N if im wrong, then please I'm so sry for causing a fuss. My head is not where it should be at all times. Its frustrating enough to be going thru trauma n then to have no help fr the sales agents at the store to either say yes or no I lost it there.

I need direction please it was my birth certificate n $150. It may not seem like a lot but at this time in my life its a helluva lot to me.

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We are truly sorry to learn that you were impacted by the fires in Hawaii. Our hearts go out to you and your loved ones during this time and truly hope you are able to stay safe. We know how important it is for you to locate the lost envelope/birth certificate, and we like to gather more details. We sent you a Private Note, please review at your best convenience.