Dishonest or Stupid

Has anyone ever had this problem? I returned a defective piece of equipment to Verizon in their prepaid and labeled box via FedEX. They said they did not receive it and charged me for the equipment. I fortunately found my FedEx receipt and contacted them, which (?????????????) caused them to find out that I had indeed returned the equipment. Funny how that works. So now I get an email which indicates a credit for the equipment, but they keep the sales tax that they charged for equipment never sold to me. Come on Verizon, are you that stupid or just dishonest?

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Re: Dishonest or Stupid

You should not have to pay for the tax. You say you got an "email" indicating credit for the equipment. How did you make payment? Was the charge tacked onto your bill? Credit Card? What the "email" says is irrelevant. How did the "credit" show up on your method of payment. Was it the same amount you were charged, or was it less?

If you were not "credited" the same amount you were "charged" I would call CS and they should be able to have it corrected.