Distrubed by reply.

I am a bit disturbed by the answer to a question that was ask about retrieving deleted text msgs, the answer to the question was at this time there is no way to retrieve an old text msg, without a court order.    That got me wondering, if I own my phone, I am the originator of the sent the text msg why do I need a court order to retrieve it once I have deleted it?  I am also very curious as to where, for how long and who has access to the server these msgs are stored? Do they need a court order to view my personal text msgs? Is this not a privacy issue? 

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Re: Distrubed by reply.

You are  the originator, however the receiver also has a right to say no you getting it back if you delete it. VZW owns the network the message was sent and the servers the message is saved on.  With all the parties that are involved in one message, that is why one needs to get a court to agree to let VZW to release those messages.

Text messages are kept on VZW servers 5-10 days tops, based on the amount of text traffic. The more in a day the sooner older messages are purged.