Driving a Semi In Style..

My Dad has Drove just about every Truck there is From Military Down to a Wheat Truck,  Many Transmission Styles from 9 to 18 speeds to the 2 Stick 4 X 4 he can Drive so well he does not use the Clutch he shifts by Feel.. I'm proud of him and how much he's drove in the Years he's been on the Road for this I want to Play a Video of Truck Driver doing his Craft that many couldn't even think about attempting lat a lone just Driving the Truck,

But in this World of New Tractor Trucks there are Auto Shift Transmissions making For many a New Drivers a pretty easy Deal once they pass the Drivers Course.. and Test

But for ones wanting to see it the ole Way to Drive a Semi.. have a Look at this Video..

Here we Go.!

Kenworth W900L - 3 Stick Shifting - YouTube

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