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Now, my post has nothing to do w/ an answer for anyone here, & since (I'm responding to something) you posted almost 2 years ago, you've likely come to some resolution or "fix" for your issue, which, by the by, IS very odd indeed.  Not you!  You're post is great & quite eloquent, descriptive & to the point in your delivery. I wish I could've helped, but as such, I've only come across this discussion today. 

I was searching for what "Onnet-Off Peak-Voice Mail Deposit-Weekday" means when I was perusing My Verizon account summary 'Balance Details' under 'Event Category: Voice Mails' ...& this discussion link came up as an option to check when I plugged in my above "Onnet-Off Peak..." query.  So, obviously, I read through this discussion & found not one single clue as to why Verizon linked me to this discussion: not a clue.  Funny, eh?  It would seem many of us here are clueless as to why we receive these very odd Usage Updates/Messages AND to no avail!  Sheesh!  Are we all just wasting our time here asking Verizon (& possibly one another) what these odd Log Report Details mean/what they are???  Or does anyone get any headway?  Hmmm....

So!  Why, you might ask, am I replying to your post NOW, two years later, in particular?  You are going to think I am from Weirdsville, USA & likely wonder what freaky drugs did the mayor of Weirdsville force this person to consume (my utmost apologies!!).  The thing is, I'm an English tutor w/ an ESL background & I have a passion for assisting folks in the proper spelling, grammar, use of punctuation, etc., in humourful & positive ways.  I am not, by far or by any stretch, the picture of perfection.  Know that.  Yet, there are quite a few misused words in the English language that folks don't realize they're misusing that are a HUGE pet-peeve of mine, & I just cannot get passed my pseudo-OCD about some of those words folks misuse.  Again, my humble apologies, but I cannot feel good about myself to let you continue life misusing a particular word.  I ABSOLUTELY am NOT here to make you look or feel inadequate.  I'm posting to you merely to help, & I hope upon hope that you don't take this negatively.  Although I would appreciate any feedback on the odd message I received in my Usage Event info I received (mentioned above). 

Moving forward, I'm secondarily posting for positive grammatical support, because this one word is continually used by many incorrectly & I'd simply like you & others to know (& possibly spread the info).  I mean, don't you WANT to be grammatically correct?  You seem very intellectual, well spoken & thoughtful, so I thought I'd inform you.  I know, I know...I'm prattling on, but I wanted to give you an intro to my reasoning behind my method of madness.  So, here it is: it's the word "supposibly" that you used.  This is derived from the word "suppose."  Suppose is, as an example, used this way: "He is supposed to receive prompt & proper information from Verizon!"  Okay, look at this word "supposed."  One thing we don't say is, "I am supposeb to be somewhere in an hour, so I wish she'd hurry it up & SHUT UP!" now, do we?  We say or write "...supposed to..." (w/ a D on the end of the word suppose as past tense).  Yes?  Yes, we do.  Therefore, to say "supposibly" is incorrect.  Do you now see why?  The proper term & spelling of this word is "supposedly" & oh, so many, many people misuse it.  Again, a big pet-peeve of mine & again I profusely apologize for my grammar lesson that is completely out of context in a forum as such!!!! 

From now on, practice saying sup-pos-ED-ly.  (To say "supposibly" is kinda trailer-parkish lingo, no??)  Yes, but it's not to say that I see you as such—not in the least, as you've proven here to be very grammatically correct aside from this one word (sort of).  Additionally, when we use this Reply/Chat-posting tool, & if your PC or MAC is set up to catch it, a red jagged line will appear under each misspelled word, which is a dead giveaway that something is amiss.  Okay?  Okay.

One more word you misused, takn: it's actually spelled "otherwise" that auto-spellcheck wouldn't detect since both words are, in fact, spelled correctly...& you could've simply typoed that.  If not, just smoosh 'em together & eliminate the 's' on "others."  (One quick one for everyone: it is NEVER “alot.” Properly, it is “a lot.”  Don't feel bad; apx 85% of us always get that one wrong—space between ‘a’ & ‘lot’...look it up. Smiley Happy)

That's my lesson for today.  Anyone in need of writing assistance, send me a PM (private message).  I'm happy to arrange online help.  I'm adept at quick/short notes, letters, essays all the way to novel, screenplay, & journalism editing.  Don't get me wrong, however!!!  I DO NOT TROLL THE INTERNET IN SEARCH OF MISUSED/MISSPELLED WORDS & TERMS, ETC., & ASK FOLKS TO CONTACT ME!!!!  NOOOOO!!! I just happened upon this forum for my silly Verizon dilemma, & noticed "supposibly"—one of my biggest pet-peeve misspellings & pronunciations & just could NOT help myself, so I thought I'd lend my knowledge.  So, all of you: NO MORE going round saying "supposibly" any longer!!!  Enhance your verbal communication skills in a positive light.  Feel free to contact me for English tutoring details & assistance.  Or not.  And yes, yes, yes...go right ahead & tell me how inappropriate my post is for this discussion forum, etc., etc., etc... Tell me what an insane individual I am, & whilst you're at it, use all the expletive-deleted terms & name calling you can muster.  I'm a comedic sort & thrive on a good e-bashing from time to time!  Just remember: I meant this in the very best of intentions & hope to play a small part in the betterment of societies enrichment, professionally, respectfully & positively.  Thanks for reading!  

So, again, does ANYONE know what "Onnet-Off Peak-Voice Mail Deposit-Weekday" means????  (heh heh heh heh...Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!)  I certainly DO NOT (& I should, right???).  But, alas, I am at a loss.

Take care all,

The Outrageous Djinn

ps: (thank our lovely stars she's finally done blathering!!!!)                    ...but you read it, now, dintcha!!!???!!! HA! 

xps: my additional apologies for any of my own grammatical one’s perfect & that’s not what I’m trying to convey here.  I just like English Proper.  Cheers!

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