Interesting "spam/scam" call tonight
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A first on my cell phone - we get them all the time on our land line even though it's on the DNC list, but this came in to my cell phone (also on the DNC list).

I didn't recognize the #, answered the call, and it was a recorded message for a 30-second survey from some Political Opinions place, with the teaser of a free Bahamas cruise at the end . . . I listened long enough to hit 9 to be removed from the list, then googled the incoming #.  It came up on - did it ever!  25 PAGES of stuff within the last day - every few minutes someone was reporting this #, mostly cell phones, all similar reports of either no message left, hang ups, or a survey and a cruise promise.  Some took the survey and got to the point where they asked for a CC# for the "free" cruise .... this says SCAM all over.

I'm thinking it's a robo-dialer that's just calling massive numbers - my son came home and he had a missed call (no message) from the same # a couple of hours before mine came in - our Verizon cell #'s only differ in the last 4 digits.  I'll check hubby's and 2 daughters later, the last 4 are the only ones different in all our #'s so they all probably got a call the same time frame I did.

I hope this doesn't continue - what's the point of the DNC if the calls keep coming in anyway?

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Re: Interesting "spam/scam" call tonight

Suzy there allot of that stuff floating around an it should not be. My folks they are in there retirement age an because of this they get these calls. They are on the D.N.C as well.. i heard you have to Update it Every Year or 5 years to keep it Current.b33

Re: Interesting "spam/scam" call tonight

I am not a verizon customer but I am receiving scam calls from more than one verizon phone. I have had enough of it! Why does verison allow this? These scam numbers need to be disconnected! Verizon DO YOUR JOB!!!!! Turn these phones off!!!!! It is not as though verison is unaware of this problem, yet they do nothing!!!!! google these numbers from scammers and you will see they are from verison with many post from people who are tired of this crap. What is the problem with Verison? Do they just not care? Try not paying your bill, they care about that now don't they!!!!!!! Here are a couple of numbers from scammers using verison phone numbers- <Phone numbers removed per the TOS>

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Re: Interesting "spam/scam" call tonight
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I apologize that you are receiving calls from these numbers and that they have been pestering you. I remember that I was in a similar situation before. I have also seen these types of calls before. I can tell you that the two numbers that you have listed are NOT active Verizon Wireless numbers, thus we cannot "turn them off." There are many scam companies out there that use "spoofing" and will have their call act as if it came from a number when actually it did not come from there at all. We have no control over this spoofing, but I can tell you that our fraud team does investigate reports of this. Just as we investigate reports of phishing e-mails and spam text messages, we are doing our part to get these stopped. Unfortunately, if one of these companies does have your number, your best bet may be to change your number. Again, I am sorry that you are getting these calls, but they are not on our network and not using it at all. I am happy that I could clarify this for you.


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