Irresponsible Verizon Van Driver, License Plate P35410
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I just had an encounter with a very irresponsible Verizon Van driver, license plate P35410. I have photos and video of the incident. It happened at around 8:25 AM at a multiple-street intersection in Watertown, MA. I drove past a yellow traffic light and so did the car behind me. The Verizon-branded van was behind that car and definitely ran the red light. Immediately after me and the car behind me stopped at a subsequent red light that is directly after the one previously mentioned. The Verizon van drove around us on the left side (where there is no lane) and stopped directly in front of me, blocking me sideways. When this light turned green, they completely cut me off and went to the right (I was going to the left). I was left dumbfounded, what an irresponsible human being. Please do something about this!

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Thank you for your report.  We will make sure this gets escalated.