I watched Last Nights Episode On Phone Theft:  I was Slightly aware that this was Going on but after seeing that Episode it looks to be a allot worse an the way some of those People were attacked even in broad Daylight it just doesn't make Sense an the THUGS  that were doing it for Money.. Instead of Stealing.. They could be Working like the Rest of us an Earning Money to buy there Needs. An to me the ones that get Caught for Doing it Should be Doing Community Time in a Controlled kind of Way.  An as for Phone any one that is caught an Prosecuted doing this should loose the Right to Possess a Phone for 10 year's or Longer Plus Pay a Stiff Penalty depending on the Crime at the Time. It's No different than Loosing your License for Driving under the Influence an having a Accident an hurting people or Worse. An the Victims that Were Seriously Hurt During the Theft of there Device's what they get out of it... b33 

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