Not "just for fun" but not applicable to the accepted topics. retiree needs help.
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Verizon retiree, desperately attempting to contact VZ for days. Now unable to log in to the verizonbenefitsconnection  website.  Tried resetting passwd, invalid info, even the email I've had SINCE VERIZON WAS CREATED (yes, that's how long I was at VZ) is invalid. Enter info to register for the first time, just resets back to blank. The web page has  NO CONTACT INFORMATION AT ALL for assistance. Since it's been days without being able to find any contact info, I'd say VZ doesn't want to be contacted by us. My old HR contact info is no longer valid, even had a VZ employee try to help me. He was disconcerted because HE realized that if he needs assistance he'd be in the same boat as I.