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@Assured: you Asked

okay, can we transfer files back and forth to each other through the forum?

Very Respectfully,  David

David: The Answer is No Not Directly on the Forum as you found out it's against the T.O.S.)  Plus by doing this it save you from one's getting your Personal information.! If the Mods was just to over look it and didn't do nothing it would be Public Information and Could be found By doing a Google Search So we have to Thank them for Pulling it as Quickly as they see it.  b33 Smiley Happy

To All that Visit and Log in On the Forum putting Personal Information Goes Against the T.O.S Terms)  But if a Contributor want's to Share this Info Via Direct Message it will Not as Long as the Information is Going Directly to Party the Contributor wishes it to See.

Now on doing that Both Parties that want to Share this info Back N Fourth will have to Follow Each Other and Will have to Go into there Actions Box and Check The   So each can follow & send D.M.'s 

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