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Verizon is insane! I get a 'private message' about a scamming   post. Because people are using my number to scam people. And Verizon will NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Let me repeat that Verizon lets people  use their equipment to scam people but refuse to do ANYTHING ABOUT IT.  Then they private message but...there is NO WAY TO RESPOND TO THEM.   This is seems like a stunt to not listen to me about the SCAMMERS that VERZON will not do anything about.  

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Community Leader

Are you referring to the private messages in the forum? How were you attempting to reply to the private message? If you were replying to the email notification of the message, then yes, it will fail. The system isn't setup to allow replies to the private messages via email. You need to open the private message in the community forum directly and reply there.


Personally, I believe the email notification of the private message shouldn't even show the actual content of the private message in the notification. It should only say that you received a private message in community forum and how you can access the private message. It makes it confusing to include the content of the private message. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.