SNL Should do a Verizon Skit
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I always love the SNL skits where they pick on stupid things or stupid people.  Verizon and their Custmer Service Agents would be the perfect targets for the next one.  Reading all the posts every one has done so far on the S3 update and the Verizon CSA comments about wanting to help and they are glad issues are being reported.  "Really"?  They all act like they have never heard of this before and it is the first time being reported. "Really"?  Verizon doesn't log all the calls they receive and have one universal location all CSA and Tech can look and see these reports?  "Really"?  Verizon and a few others blame this update on Samsung, yet does not Verizon provide Quality Control (testing) before releasing?  "Really"?  The Verizon CSA staff should research all posts before responding with "we want to get you back up and running please provide us with more information (although the last 10 posts have detailed the problems step by step since the update).  "Really"?  "Really" Verizon should you not better inform your CSAs about new and ongoing issues with this update so they dont make themselves look like fools?  "Really"?

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