Samsung's "Clear" trucks let you see ahead

Samsung's 'clear truck' allows drivers to see what's ahead |

While basically a front-mounted camera and rear-mounted monitors, it's still a novel idea.

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Re: Samsung's "Clear" trucks let you see ahead
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It's a splendid idea. Especially in areas that have truck speeds of 10mph less than all other traffic. Can get around them easily, can break accordingly and utilize it for red/green lights; can't tell you how many times a truck runs a red and I can't see anything so I also go.

Re: Samsung's "Clear" trucks let you see ahead

Pretty Nifty Idea especially on Busy 2 Lane Roads.. Now if they'd discover something for Cattle Trucks,  when you pass them on Windy Days

Re: Samsung's "Clear" trucks let you see ahead

Brilliant !  Of course Samsung thought of it. 

I Could use something like that for my FJ.   The sucker has big blind spots.  I've adjusted, cause I've been driving it a while, but, it would be nice.

i Saw a video of a horrible accident that would have been prevented if the truck ahead had this.  Or if the driver of the car wasn't changing lanes at twice the speed of all other drivers and using the shoulder as a lane.