Something I did not know and wanted to share.!

Till the other Day I found out Good ole American Made knife Company >>>  X-Acto  is now owned by Elmer's Glue Elmer's Glue  O my what's gonna come next these companies buying companies and them turning them into Glue or Goo.. The Blades are made in China now.!  O boy)  But I did find out at a Local hobby shop there is a Company that still Manufactures there Hobby Knife Blades still in the Good ole U.S. of A

The Company is Called HOBBICO These Blades are made Very well and Hobby a project nice and smoothly..  Here's 2 a Links to see these Hobby Tools

This Company Sells these Hobby Tools.. |Hobbico Precision #11 Blades (100)

This is Hobbico's Address Link:  a Good ole company in Champaig, IL  Hobbico, Inc. - largest U.S. distributor of radio-control and general hobby products

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Not much USA made that I can get behind anymore, unless it's coming out of Exeter, NH or Prescott, AZ.


I didn't know about these Blades until my Visit to this Local Hobby Shop Snn5 and I Found something else that is Original that is X-Acto made Files back in the Day the Good one's and this Hobby Store has them In the Soon to be Future I will have 10 Paws on at Least 3 to 4 of them.. I need to go shopping over there more I found another thing Kyosho made some of the Best Angled Scissors for Working the Clear Plastic Body shells of R/C cars a Company Similar to Kyosho still makes these Scissors and For $ 6 and some change there a Steel and I'm going to get my-self another pair..

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I have an old set of X-Acto tools that I'm still using on my phone repair bench, real U.S. of A stainless steel.


O you Luck my old blades went a long time ago wished I had a few on my Bench might get into a new Hobby Quad Copter seen one at the hobby store for $39 Dollars Copter & remote control and what really got my attention is you can buy a little bigger remote and make this little Dude do flips and trick)  These little copters make a boring cold Day outside a fun Inside alternative..

Here's a Video Guys of the one I'm getting interested in..  G.C. Snn5 seeing this you might wanna go out and get your own little copter if you Do Enjoy it.!

Estes Proto X (World's Smallest Production RC Quadcopter) - Review and Flight - YouTube