Spread Positivity to Improve Self Esteem: Show people YOU care

     Okay I know this is long, but it's worth your time. This is the first time I've been on verizon community so help me pass this along because it's important.

     This isn't a question or really a discussion. This is an idea, it's a request. I want to spread positivity in a big way. In an interactive way. Our world is filled with hate. Hate for others. Hate for ourselves. Now I'm in high school and I've been doing a research paper on self esteem. It's 20 pages long and at the end we have to write a proposal on how to approach the issue. It's still very unclear what I actually have to write for that portion but I thought of this. For lent, my church made a remind.com account and sent out a text everyday, a "Lenten Challenge." Each one had to do with doing something for the world, your community, or yourself. It was so inspiring. Now if this was inspiring to one person, what could it do for a whole community? A whole state? a whole nation? This is what I want. I want Verizon to have a daily text/challenge to spread positivity. The P.R. would be incredible and it's not all that hard.

      I also completed a survey when I wrote my paper. I asked people about their insecurities. The last question asked was the toughest; “What thing/things do you feel most insecure about?” This made people think and feel; something I could tell from even the simplest responses. It is hard to write down what you don’t like about yourself and what judgements scare you. In all honesty, it was hard to watch all of the responses come in: “My body,” “My stomach, my acne scars, my upper arms, & my broad shoulders,” “How others perceive me,” “Academic achievement.” Out of everyone, 6 people explicitly said they feel insecure about “everything.” When I see and write about statistics like that 7 in 10 girls with insecurities from DoSomething.org, I’m seeing words and numbers that I just believe to be true because a reliable source told me so. I’m writing to make an impact on the reader without trying to make an impact on myself. But this survey gave me real data from real people, people I know, with real feelings. Research done by others tells me that the majority of people feel a lack of self confidence at times, if not often, but I still look around and I see so many confident people, and wonder if that research is wrong. Then I did this survey, and with almost 170 responses, I saw a group of faceless people full of similar insecurities. This made self esteem issues real for me, not just words on a page. It felt like I saw a little part of each person and although I won’t know their names, I got to create an new and unfiltered view of so many people around me. This is important.

In coping with self esteem, I don’t think that analyzation and psychotherapy is the only part of the solution. A lot of what makes us feel insecure about something is that we assume others do not and we can feel small and very much alone. The fact is that everyone feels similar; nobody's perfect but we can’t get past our own imperfections. Our societal structure is what decides what is good or bad. We all look for the bad but we need to embrace the bad as a difference and find the good. You, Verizon, can be part of finding the good. Millions of people struggle with the awful feeling of a negativity filled brain but what if such an important company told people to find the good in life and promoted positivity. This is what people have needed for thousands of years and in this digital age, we need it more than ever. Our world right now needs it more than ever. It really isn't political, people of different backgrounds and thoughts feel insecure and small at times. It's not politics, it's humanity. I know I'm just a kid but I want the world to be open to embracing insecurities and to understand that THEY ARE NOT ALONE. It's not a requirement to get a program implemented for my paper but it's what I want for the people around me, everyone is here to live so help lift them up.

Thank you, Anne.


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Re: Spread Positivity to Improve Self Esteem: Show people YOU care
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Wow! You may be young but, you have an inspiring, beautiful mind. 

I read a very interesting article along the lines of why some people who are alone, feel alone, and stay alone. I find it hard to be positive for the reasons in the article and then some.   The magazine is AARP Dec 2019. 

I love your inspiration and you will go far. Good work!