Sweepstakes a Joke?
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Well, before Christmas I logged in daily and entered the sweepstakes trying to win a couple prizes. I spent over 5000 points on one and over 7000 on another. And what did I get? Nothing... story of my life I guess. Anyway, they were deducting 2 points for ever ticket entered. Not too bad. But now they want 20 points per ticket. Really? Are you kidding me?

I think the sweepstakes is a joke.

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Re: Sweepstakes a Joke?

I myself don't get into the sweepstakes nor the rewards program.  I haven't seen the value in it yet.  Plus, there's that pesky privacy thing with Selects and advertising.

Re: Sweepstakes a Joke?
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Verizon offers nothing for rewards. All they want is their money, and nothing else. This sweepstakes thing is a huge joke. Impossible to win. I entered every ticket available, and won nothing. The only reason I entered was, because I was gonna lose my points By the end of the year. Never again will I bid on impossible auctions or sweepstakes . A waste if time