T-Mobile Actively Changing Customers' Plans that Abuse Tethered Data

This is just my opinion.  I wish Verizon would get in on this type of network policing.  If there are x# people on T-Mobile abusing the tethering option in their Unlimited plan (the plan for unlimited SMARTPHONE use, not unlimited for everything you can connect via hotspot) then you know Verizon has x# times that doing the same.  Of course, restrictions to be in place in accordance to the terms in each individual contract agreement, not a blanket across all unlimited users, since some had different provisions in their agreement.  Again, this is about people using workarounds to make all data use seems as though a smartphone is requesting the data, even if a PC or other device is actually using the data. 

We’re first warning these customers that they’re illegally using more data than they bought. We hope folks will stop on their own so they can keep their current plan. These customers are on an unlimited 4G LTE smartphone plan that includes a set amount of Smartphone Mobile HotSpot data, but they’re using workarounds to make their tethering look like smartphone usage which helps them use significantly more 4G LTE tethering than their plan includes.

Once they’re on a plan with a set amount of 4G LTE data, it won’t matter what method they use for Smartphone Mobile HotSpot. Once they use their 4G LTE data bucket, they’ll continue to be able to use data at reduced speeds and still never worry about overages.

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