but all verizon knows how to do is add fees to my bill more and more i try to cancel a phone to save me some money. Then they go and make changes to this

The Consumerist notes that Verizon just updated its terms to increase a regulatory fee, which is great news for unhappy customers. You have to agree with this change in order to continue using their service and that happens automatically if you do nothing. If you want out, you have 60 days from July 1st to let them know you do not accept these new terms (found here). Canceling is pretty easy. Just give Verizon a call, let them know you do not agree with this recent change and want to cancel your service. Do not tell them why or they will try to sell you on additional services. If they try to anyway, just stop them before they get into it and say no.

I call tell them i don't want to agree to the new regulatory fee and that im not happy with there service or there 200.00 bill a month! The lady was very rude to me and tells me i would have to pay a 175.00 to shut off one of my lines and that it dose not matter if they change my contract with out my acknowledgement for this reason alone i will no longer be a part or a customer at the Verizon wireless company ever again. I smashed all phones with hammers they are out in the drive way if you want to come and pick them up. I think you guys would be better at trash removal than running a phone company!

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