The BEST Supervisor/Customer Service Interaction Ever
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I would like to say that Sam who is a Supervisor through the chat tool is truly the best Supervisor/Customer Service rep. I have ever had and I worked in Customer Service all of my teens and 20's into my early 30's. I was a Senior (Team Lead), Supervisor and finally Manager at Best Buy in my 20's and I never had dealt with a peer or when I was a regular team member, or even a customer as great a Supervisor/leader as Sam in the Chat team. I believe he is a Supervisor for the chat, because I had to have my issue escalated. Not only did he solve my problem he also understood all the trouble I have had recently and is truly an amazing leader. He deserves to get promoted to a managerial position, if not in the messaging/chat division but in customer service. Kudos to one of the greatest if not the greatest customer service experiences I've ever had with the Supervisor known as Sam. For reference if anyone at Verizon is reading this, my phone number ends in 5921 and my name is Tyler.

Re: The BEST Supervisor/Customer Service Interaction Ever
Customer Service Rep

We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to let us know of a great experiecne, Tyrraneous85. I know not everyone takes a moment to share their positive experiences like this so we really do apprecaite it! We will make sure to pass along this feedback to our leadership team so Sam gets the kudos they deserve! If anything else comes up that you need help with, please don't hesitate to reach out! Thanks for choosing Verizon!