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Here's is a question that I've always wondered about...

why is the point of these "get help from other customers" forums??    I'm not paying any other customers for products or services.  Why can't we just get help from....oh I don't know... VERIZON?


I'm not saying that other customers don't know what they're talking about, this is just a pet peeve of mine that these huge multi-million dollar corporations don't want to spend a small piece of their budget to:

1.) Give unemployed people jobs,  and

2.) Give their customers consistent information  - instead making them rely on the experiences, opinions and mere suggestions of other customers.


Nothing personal against fellow customers, I just hate having to throw my questions out there randomly and hope that there is someone out there who has had an experience similar enough to mine to be able to give me a functional answer I can use.  It's a total gamble when or even if someone will respond with the necessary info.


Re: Use of Community Forum
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It's the same gamble using Verizon "support" too. My experience with chat support was bad enough to almost cause me to switch carriers. Phone support is LOL not waiting half an hour for someone to do something I can myself online. 

Last time I even had to call was almost 4 years ago. If you don't make plan changes middle of the cycle, buy your phones unlocked or do anything else out of the norm, there is no need to have to contact Verizon. Most people don't read when they make a change and then come here to complain their bill is too high. For those with legitimate problems like a sudden lack of service, a CS rep wouldn't be able to fix that. Either that gets resolved through tower maintenance or switching.

As long as we're supposed to ask other customers for help, we should be able to just talk about anything we want to to each other

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