Verizon advertising choices

According to the techs at Verizon when I place a call to them, I have been a Verizon customer since 1992. I am 69 years old and retired, so big deal that I have been around for 28 years. My complaint is that I watched the DNC on NBC Monday night and saw that Verizon made a choice to advertise and thus express a political choice. I do not believe a corporate entity should do this, even if they advertise for the GOP, the Libertarians, or the Green Party. Who cares? In my humble opinion, a corporate entity should be neutral. You do yourself no favor when you pay money to NBC or any TV network to advertise on their special. I have to hope that AT&T will not do the same if and when I switch to them. It would not make me happy to see my auto or home insurance company advertise this way either. The manufacturer of my SUV or truck should not do that either. 

Re: Verizon advertising choices
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Or it's called advertising on a network to attract new customers.